Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Hi, I'm back! ...I know, I know, I've neglected this blog - or more accurately, forgotten about it altogether but it's time I got myself sorted.
Tomorrow I start a new challenge, something I found on the lovely facebook.  I meander through posts by a group called 'fused glass fanatics' and a lady there has set up a challenge to help teach us something new - fused glass powder sgraffito drawing challenge - the aim being a drawing a day for 30 days!  We'll see how I get on!

But for now I need to go & tidy up as I have friends coming for New Year - a typical new year celebrations on the cards for us - glass making at the dining room table, nibbles & silly games. Bliss

Oh, and here's something new too whilst I ponder whether I should also try the new social media site Tsu.

Oh, and for anyone that doesn't know, I have a facebook page too. Look for me at 'signed by sam' .....and have a fantastic New Year!

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