Saturday, 13 April 2013

I've got a small business page on facebook!

I'm sorry I have been neglecting my blogspot but I have become a little distracted by building a page on facebook, you can search under 'signed by sam' & then get a little confused - some time back I started it up, then more recently I started a totally new page & set it up from that instead and have slowly developed it, showing pictures & sharing some fab work by other artists and crafters. I feel like I am part of one large crafty family and it's brilliant! The downside, of course, is when I post what I think is a great picture of some recent work & nobody 'likes' it. Ah well, I should just tell myself that I should be spending more time crafting & making rather than looking at numbers on facebook!

I've started thinking craft shows too, I'm booked for Welwyn Art & Craft fair at the beginning of May and am currently 'umming and aahing' over whether to book to sell at the Alban Arena, more money than I am used to and an unknown show but think I will take the chance - I just LOVE getting out to meet fellow artists and get feedback on my work from them and the general public, who, if I am lucky, will be happy to part with some of their hard owned cash in exchange for a piece of totally unique art produced by me (ok, or my husband Scott who plays alongside me)  

Hope to see you all soon, at a craft fair or at my facebook page  ....

Until then, here are a couple of recent 'makes'

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