Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Trying to get inspired

The summer holidays are whizzing past and I just don't seem to have done anything with my time. Well, that's probably not really true, I've been to Norfolk for a fantastic relaxing week (if you can count clambering around on a high ropes course -and I hate heights - and paddling in our new inflatable 2 man kayak, as relaxing!). I've started trying to declutter the house, something I should be doing now, hence allowing myself to be distracted writing this. Despite trips down the dump and several carrier bags to the charity shop I still seem to be overwhelmed by things.

So, what should I do today, carry on? Or start making some more glass or cards - hmm... tricky one that. I'm quite tempted by a spot of felting too. I know I should be creative as my next show is on the 2nd of September and I did buy some more glass in Rochester at the weekend. I can't wait to try some of that in the kiln.

But bizarrely (and I blame my late mother for haunting me into this) I am very tempted to carry on with the big de-clutter, try to get sorted before I return to work in about 2 weeks, ...I haven't actually checked the date I go back to school yet, perhaps I should.....

Well, maybe I should do some of both. I could declutter til lunch then create til tea.  If I get creative I shall post pictures tomorrow, and maybe, just maybe, one day I shall set up a folksy shop & find out what Pinterest is all about.

Off to do something......

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