Monday, 7 May 2012

Monday 7th May 2012

Yesterday was my first real craft show out in the public domain as it were.  In the past I have played safe and settled for a once a year event, selling my fused glass, at the school where I work. 

It seems that for many years I have talked about selling my work, whether that be card designs or paintings, or more recently, fused glass.  In the past few weeks we have visited a few local craft shows to get a feel for them and see where may be a good location without being inspired once.  Then whilst at my local art shop I saw a notice advertising Welwyn Art & Craft fair asking for crafters and artists for this new event.  I didn't think about visiting first, just decided to go ahead and book as it was very local, easy to park (yes, that is a factor for me, some towns have no parking near the event which really does make the idea of unpacking daunting) and a great introductory price.  It was a great day, very friendly and well attended.  Of course, selling quite a chunk of my stock and getting great feedback all helped!

Now I just have two months to restock before their next fair on Sunday 1st July so really I should be at my dining room table working away instead of starting a blog!  Well.... there's always tomorrow (after my day job that is).

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